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Anarkh and NRK are inclusive and sustainable fashion brands that concentrate on no-waste cutting and use of dead-stock fabrics to reduce fashion industry waste.

Early Roots

     Anarkh was founded crica 2007 in South Brooklyn by Ana Raphieli.

     In 1997 Ana began her career in the fashion industry as a high-end buyer, and after a decade she realized it was time to develop her own line. With three generations of fashion designers preceding her, she had always been enveloped in the world of fashion and found that designing came naturally.

     Ana graduated The Academy of Art in Tbilisi with a Masters in Sculpture and Pottery. She continually applies her understanding of the human form to her vision- for the structure and deconstruction of a garment.

"Fashion, as any other art form to me, is a momentary expression of an emotion. Style always and forever will be an embodiment of one's attitude." - Ana

About Anarkh

At the core of Anarkh lies a love and appreciation for traditional Georgian costume, Japanese aesthetics, and the romanticism of European fashion history.

For the Anarkh woman, luxury and comfort are not mutually exclusive. We strive for every piece to be beautiful, timeless, lasting, and easy to care for. The majority of our items are machine-washable, especially the silks and leathers. Aside from silk and leather sourced in the USA, we are dedicated in finding sustainable materials abroad. We use recycled materials from Japan and Korea where they employ new technologies for recycling dead-stock fabrics to reduce textile waste.

About NRK

NRK was developed in 2013, when Anarkh had grown large and seemed to consist of two very distinct looks. NRK is adventurous in style, and perfect for the modern avant-garde woman who is unapologetically herself. Like Anarkh, NRK also uses sustainable materials for production, with specialty in new tech fabrics that wrinkle less and travel well. Sizing for NRK is more generous, ranging from XXS-XXXL with plenty of one-sizers and yokes on bottoms for easy fit.

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Made with love in Brooklyn NYC, for women, by women
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