Anarkh is a sustainable fashion brand that concentrates on no-waste cutting and the use of dead-stock fabrics to minimize waste that the fashion industry inevitably produces. 

Anarkh was founded in South Brooklyn by Ana Raphieli.
     Ana worked in the industry as a high-end buyer for 10 years, and in 2007 decided it was time to develop a line. With three generations of fashion designers preceding her, she had always been enveloped in the world of fashion and found that designing came naturally.
     Ana graduated The Academy of Art in Tbilisi with a Masters in Sculpture and Pottery. She applied her understanding of the human form to her vision for the structure and deconstruction of a garment.
     Her love for traditional Georgian costume, Japanese aesthetics, and the romanticism of European fashion-history became the core of Anarkh.


“Fashion, as any other art form to me, is a momentary expression of an emotion. Where style always and forever will be an embodiment of one’s attitude."